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round robin potential
was once again going over my WIP fics, and bemoaning the fact i can't seem 2 finish them!

so, I'm gonna post the last piece of several WIP fics here, w/ the hope that some1 will write a continuance - even if its only a chapter!!
please help!

Eventual Willow/Xander pairing. Set early season 4. VERY AU.
easier if u just read it yourselves.

Basically, Doyle arrived back from the dead, brought Buffy back. LA Gang came when they were informed of buffy's death, only 2 find her alive when they get there! Don't know about spike helping or falling 4 buffy.

Angel just stood there, gaping, his mouth wide open.
"Peaches, I'd shut yer mouth before summat flies into it."
Angel shut his mouth at that, and turned to glare at his wayward grandchilde. "Shut up Spike - and what the HELL are you doing here anyway?!!?!! I'd have thought that you'd have been rejoicing at Buffy's death, not *crying* over it!"
Spike glared at him, and started to pull away from Buffy, fists already clenched, when Buffy pulled him back.
"Spike. Be Good."
All it took was one touch on his arm from Buffy, and her determinedly voiced words, and Spike took a deep, unneeded breath, before putting down his fists and standing back beside Buffy.


xander raped by dad. tried 2 commit suicide. left his diaries 2 spike in his suicide note.

xander and spike both fancy each other like mad. have 2 go 4 angels 4...something 4 giles.

these r just random WIP buffy/angel fics.
read and try 2 continue 4 me PLEASE!!!
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